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5 Juices for Everyday Ailments

It’s winter, and in winter,  exposure to the flu, cold, and a number of other viruses in the air is common.  Instead of going straight to the doctor, try skipping the noxious medications made up of synthetic ingredients and choose something more natural. Juicing vegetables and fruits is a healthier alternative to medication, and provides easier access to digestive enzymes that are hard to access through chewing the same ingredients.

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A short list of common ailments that are helped by using the juicing method is found below.  Find the full list of juicing remedies here.

Juice for Colds:

Colds are miserable. To experience relief from cold symptoms, mix carrots, pineapple, ginger, garlic and lemon into a juice.  Carrots boost the immune system with high amounts of beta-carotenes. Add some ginger as an excellent remedy for an upset stomach and pain reliever. Pineapple is inserted as an infection and bacteria buster and inflammation fighter.  It also assists the lemon in expelling excess mucus that comes with a cold.

Juice for Indigestion:

An upset stomach, especially the kind that comes when the flu rolls into town, is miserable. Ironically, the juicing recipe for indigestion is nearly identical to the recipe for colds. In fact, this recipe contains fresh pineapple, carrots, and lemon, which are all found in the cold remedy. With the addition of a mint leaf  it makes for a perfect indigestion remedy. Be aware, however, that mint has properties that cause heartburn.

Juice for Headaches:

Headaches and migraines are another common malady that can be remedied with the a juice combination. Relieve a nasty headache or migraine with the following combination.  Apples, a long english cucumber, 4 kale leaves, fresh ginger root, and celery.  The flavonoids in apples help reduce blood pressure and alleviate headaches, especially when eaten on an empty stomach. Cucumbers and celery are 95% water which is a known headache reliever. Kale is rich in omega-3, magnesium and fiber and it is anti-inflammatory, making it what could be categorized as a migraine superfood. Ginger root is helpful for those suffering from upset stomach, which is a common symptom of many migraine sufferers.

Juice for Kidney Stones:

For anyone who has experience with kidney stones it is understood that excruciating pain is a symptom. The juice recommendation for preventing kidney stones, or breaking them up when formed includes oranges, apples, watermelon and lemon.  Oranges are high in vitamin C which has been praised for prevention and clearing of kidney stones. Doctors, additionally, recommend a diet high in fruits and vegetables. The more fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet, the less likely you will experience kidney stones at all.  However, if this diet change doesn’t alleviate kidney stones, the juicing recipe offers the solution. Watermelon, in addition to being a diuretic, it is high in potassium salts. Potassium salts assist in regulation of acidity.  This combination is a powerful preventative measure and aids in the break-up of painful kidney stones.

Juice for Fatigue:

Fatigue accompanies nearly every ailment and, for many, is the worst part of being sick. Many fight fatigue with caffeines, such as soft drinks, coffees and teas. However, the caffeine in these drinks is often accompanied by high amounts of sugar.   This combination will add to your fatigue and frequent drinkers will suffer from dehydration. The best way to fight fatigue is with a diet or juicing recipe rich in fruits and vegetables.  Beet root, carrots, lemon, spinach and green apples are the make-up of this juice that fights fatigue and increases energy. Beet root boosts blood flow, which improves oxygen concentration and allows nutrients to be more quickly dispersed throughout the body. This higher concentration of nutrients in the blood allows the oxygen to be stored in the muscles for a longer period of time. This allows for increased energy and sustainability.

There are 13 additional juice recipes for other conditions and ailments. Whether you are experiencing arthritis pain, stress, memory loss, vision impairment, nervousness, or even a hangover, there is a juice for you.

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