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Vegan Sweet Potato, Cauliflower, Mushroom Soup

Vegan sweet potato, cauliflower, and mushroom soup is a delightful fusion of flavors and textures that come together to create a hearty and...

healthy summer pasta salad
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Healthy Summer Pasta Salad

This healthy summer pasta salad is a colorful and refreshing dish that’s perfect for warm weather. It’s made with whole-grain pasta, which provides...

vegetarian lasagna
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Vegetarian Lasagna (Gluten-Free)

  With more people following a gluten-free or vegetarian diet these days, it’s always helpful to have a few go-to recipes on hand...

vegan pizza recipe
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Vegan Pizza

Everyone loves a good pizza! The melted cheese, in combination with the crust and tomato sauce, is an irresistible flavor for anyone. This...

vegan enchilada recipe
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Vegan Enchiladas

  Enchiladas are a classic Mexican dish that typically include meat, cheese, and a rich tomato-based sauce. However, this vegan enchiladas version swaps...

simple vegetable pizza
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Healthy Homemade Veggie Pizza

Looking for a healthy and delicious homemade veggie pizza recipe? Look no further! This recipe for a healthy homemade pizza is made with...

grilled fajitas
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Grilled Fajitas

Grilled Steak or Chicken Fajitas     One night, I had no idea what to make for dinner (so what’s new). I opened...

Crispy Kale Chips
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Crispy Kale Chips

Crispy and Delicious Kale Chips There was a time I was doing a clean eating challenge… I loved it! I felt great on...

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Easy One Pan Chicken and Veggie Bake

Sheet pan chicken and veggie bake. Even during the coronavirus, nights can be busy. Sometimes you are just done from the day and...

Summer Grilling
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Summer Grilling: Fruits, Chicken and Veggies Oh My!

Alright, we’ve made it. The first day of Summer. With summer, comes the swimming pools, baseball, frisbee, watermelon, and last but not least,...

Easy ground turkey tacos
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Easy Ground Turkey Tacos

Easy Ground Turkey Tacos There is something about taco Tuesday. Tacos have simple ingredients, they are easy to cook, and of course, I...

Camping Recipes
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Easy and Healthy Camping Recipes

Growing up in my family we had many summer nights outdoors, around a campfire; telling stories, eating, singing, laughing and making memories.  ...

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Skinny Summer Recipes

Summer is the perfect time to slim down with fresh fruits and vegetables at nearly every corner. Skinny Summer Recipes are easier to...

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Flambe Spinach Salad

Flambe Spinach Salad My dad has a way of cooking that delights the palate as well as the eye, especially when he uses...

Picnic Food
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Not Just Another Picnic

We are all tired of sitting around inside. No matter where you live or your situation, there is only so much a person...

Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese
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Vegan Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese

Vegan Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese does not use real milk or cheese in the recipe. It is healthy and really looks like...