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What Hormone is Crucial to Building Muscle?

So you are hitting the gym hard and you have adopted a clean diet, what comes next? Getting to know your body from the inside out will allow you to have more control over your muscular build. So don’t let your efforts go to waste, learning how one of the most important hormones—insulin—work in your body, can give you a tremendous upper hand.


Insulin is often mentioned in the fitness world but rarely is it ever explained why. Insulin gets its muscle building rep from its giant role in your metabolism and from its role during your post workout window of time. This mega-important hormone is produced in the pancreas and flows throughout your bloodstream, managing many bodily functions along the way. Primarily controlling things like the metabolism of carbs and fat, absorbing glucose, and other important functions like proteolysis; the breakdown of muscle protein. But what you don’t often hear is the role insulin plays in controlling your appetite. So as you follow muscle building advice and shop for supplements etc. keep in mind this important hormone and all that it does.

So when choosing a supplement for your pre workout like Afterburn Fuel, keep your post workout insulin process in mind which is what the creators of Afterburn Fuel did. They created a pre workout supplement that aids insulin production which has numerous post workout benefits.

Let’s look at just how insulin works in your body and how Afterburn Fuel aids all that work! Without analyzing this process you can easily miss the opportunity to maximize the benefits of your muscle building routine!

After being secreted by the pancreas, insulin is released into the bloodstream helping circulate glucose by instructing your body’s cells to absorb glucose which reduces you blood’s glucose level. The amount of insulin that gets released into your bloodstream is dependent upon the amount you have stored. Once you have nothing left in storage, another phase of insulin is then released. This process of storing insulin is no easy task! Insulin goes through a rigorous process of being synthesized, then processed, and then released, so the second phase of insulin comes awhile after the first phase.

How does this help you in your muscle building efforts? Well, glucose or carbohydrates are a very obvious need to keep up our strength and endurance in the gym and well, for life. As insulin molecules flow through the blood stream they search for insulin receptors. These receptors stimulate the amount of glucose absorbed into different tissues that contain GLUT4. GLUT4 stands for type 4 glucose transporters. GLUT4 is a major player when it comes to exercise related glucose transportation!

Such tissues that contain GLUT4 are the skeletal muscles which burn the glucose it receives into energy and also fat tissues which take the glucose they receive and convert it into triglycerides for storage.

Exercising is the number one stimulator for GLUT4 in the skeletal muscle, activating it and allowing it to benefit you post workout when insulin is hard at work and glucose is being stored. This being the prime opportunity to consume carbohydrates (right after your workout) because they will be divided up and sent to those muscles, making the most out of your workout. Also, the key step in glucose metabolism is the activation and increased levels of GLUT4!

Afterburn Fuel contains many key ingredients that support this process and can help you maximize your efforts in the gym!  One such ingredient is Agmatine Sulfate, which also aids the post workout by decreasing recovery time and has many other benefits like aiding  insulin production, hormonal control, cortisol levels, and so much more!

Check out all the beneficial ingredients of Afterburn Fuel and buy some for your pre workout supplement here!

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