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Health, Mental and Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

Fasting is a tradition, used since ancient times as method of detoxifying the mind, body and spirit. Fasting, in the traditional sense, means...

Summer Produce

How to Pick your Summer Produce

Produce can be the best way to enjoy summer. Not only is the produce fresh and ripe but it is also in season...

Summer Grilling
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Summer Grilling: Fruits, Chicken and Veggies Oh My!

Alright, we’ve made it. The first day of Summer. With summer, comes the swimming pools, baseball, frisbee, watermelon, and last but not least,...

Camping Recipes
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Easy and Healthy Camping Recipes

Growing up in my family we had many summer nights outdoors, around a campfire; telling stories, eating, singing, laughing and making memories.  ...

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Skinny Summer Recipes

Summer is the perfect time to slim down with fresh fruits and vegetables at nearly every corner. Skinny Summer Recipes are easier to...

Picnic Food
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Not Just Another Picnic

We are all tired of sitting around inside. No matter where you live or your situation, there is only so much a person...

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Creative Meals with your Pantry Staples

While we are all stuck at home for weeks, it may be necessary to improvise with our cooking. One way to do this,...


5 Juices for Everyday Ailments

It’s winter, and in winter,  exposure to the flu, cold, and a number of other viruses in the air is common.  Instead of...