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June, 2014

  • 5 June

    Breakfast: Unbalanced and Unnecessary?

    As early as pre-school, many of us were told that breakfast was important for a healthy diet. A nutrient-rich and well-balanced morning meal would give us the boost we needed to have the best day possible. As we got older, we were told that this same breakfast would help us ...

May, 2014

  • 3 May

    What Hormone is Crucial to Building Muscle?

    So you are hitting the gym hard and you have adopted a clean diet, what comes next? Getting to know your body from the inside out will allow you to have more control over your muscular build. So don’t let your efforts go to waste, learning how one of the ...

June, 2013

  • 19 June

    Human Growth Hormone: No Magic Bullet for Weight Loss

    Can human growth hormone (HGH) really build muscle and burn fat like many people claim? Can a natural hormone that supports growth and development be the weight loss solution of the twenty-first century? These are questions that have dieters turning to pills, sprays and injections on their quest for easy ...